Types of Surveys/valuations or services offered

Valuation Report

This is a brief report which merely confirms the open market value of the property having regard to its general condition and taking into account any significant defects. An estimate cost of rebuilding the property for buildings insurance is also available if required.

These reports are suitable for various reasons particularly family matters including matrimonial settlement, probate and tax purposes. We are also able to undertake shared ownership valuations (including the government’s key workers scheme) for shared ownership owners wishing to purchase a further share or determine the value of a property prior to sale.

We also specialise in provide valuations for lease extensions and collective enfranchisement (freehold purchase) and refer you to the following dedicated website page.

Homebuyers Survey and Valuation Report

The Homebuyers Survey and Valuation (HSV) is a survey done to a standard format set out by RICS. It is most suitable for conventional built properties constructed since approximately 1850 which are in reasonable condition. It does not detail every aspect of the property but focuses on urgent matters needing attention.
Typically our HSV reports tend to be approximately 12 to 15 pages of A4 text in length.

The HSV includes the following details:

  • The general condition of the property.
  • Any major faults in accessible areas that affect the value.
  • Any urgent items that need further specialist investigation prior to entering into a legal commitment to purchase.
  • Results of tests for damp and damage to timbers including woodworm.
  • The estimate cost of rebuilding the property for buildings insurance purposes.
  • The value of the property on the open market.

Building survey

A building survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property and is suitable for all properties including listed buildings, older properties, non-traditional constructed properties, properties you are planning to alter or renovate, properties that have had extensive alterations.
Within a building survey all accessible parts of the property are inspected and you can ask to have specific areas included so as to cover any specific concerns you have about the building. A value of the property on the open market is not included but can be provided for an additional fee.
Our building survey reports are often 25 to 35 pages of A4 text.

In summary, the Building Survey includes:

  • Major and minor defects and what they could mean.
  • Results of damp testing and damage to timbers including woodworm.
  • Technical information on the construction of the property and the materials used.
  • Photographic appendix of a property’s defects and other important areas included with all reports.
  • Location
  • Recommendations for further specialist investigations.

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